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Scouting To Me – For Others

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

The following was taken from the program for the Eagle Recognition Breakfast for Jude A. R. Allegrucci of Troop 322 in Dunmore, PA. It was listed as Author Unknown.

“To help the scouts in our area feel the pride and love I have in our scouting movement and the men to carry on when everything is against you for the good of the scout.

Scouting to me is an idea which shall live on and on after I die. I live, eat, sleep and talk scouting. This I do because I was shown by many men, when I was a young scout myself, that the scout oath and law is the way to happiness. Scouting has helped me in school, church and in the military. So, scouts… never be ashamed of your uniform or your scouting.
Scouting is people who care. Some men cared enough to give it to me, planted the scouting seed in me and saw it grow healthy.
I in turn want to give some of it back to others, boys of scout age who will pass it on again. I feel I have a little bit of each man who helped me on my trail to Eagle and manhood. It is hard to express the love for scouting in words and thanks to these men.
There are many awards men and scouts can earn along the trail of life, but the award I seek and cherish is a Thank-You from a scout or Scouter I have helped or seen put into practice something someone learned from me that I have learned from someone else.

This is my thank you to the men who helped me and to their wives who let them.”