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A Man of Words

Saturday, July 28th, 2007


I received this in an email several years ago… it was titled, “keep him walking”. I thought it very clever that someone could take words and make a man walking. I was impressed!

I saved the image to file, and would see this image “walking” everytime I went into the directory for “captured images”. and each time I would think about this “man” made of words.

Then it struck me, Man is not made of words… he is made of deeds and character!

Have you ever met someone that talked a good story about themselves, just to find out they never really did anything, just talked about doing stuff? This is not what a Scout is all about… a Scout is about deeds, he is about character, he is about living the Scout Oath and the Scout Law, about doing a good turn daily, (a good deed), and always being prepared.
The Character of a man is measured not in words, but in what he has done and what you will trust him to do.

So, it is my job to instill this in these boys God has given me to teach and lead… My prayer is that I do not falter, not fail. amen!

Boys, become men of deeds, not hollow words! Let those who know you, think of you as someone who could be trusted, a true man of character!