A Scout is Loyal

Thoughts on Loyalty.
This past weekend, our troop celebrated the Eagle Scout Court of Honor. We were all filled with pride over the accomplishments one of our own accomplished. But let’s go back a bit in time to the fall of 2000.
Our troop had about 15 active boys in the troop at that time. We also had a different Scoutmaster then too. Mrs. Lahl and I were working with the troop as we do now, but we let the leadership of the troop rest in the boys and in the Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster left our troop and joined another as their Scoutmaster without telling any of our adults. (Alas, yes, he was one of our Eagles). Not only did he leave, he secretly asked all the boys to follow him into the other troop…. Wow!
Now, where does loyalty enter into this thought? Two boys stayed with Troop 518. It was tempting to leave; after all, there were only the two of them now. That is an awfully small troop!
But those two boys decided that part of the Scout Law is “A Scout is Loyal” and they stayed.
What became of those two boys? One came close to Eagle with only his project to finish, and the other made Eagle, just this year! Yep, Jake… Congratulations Jake… a man with the true Scout spirit. You want to understand loyalty, look to Jake.

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